Electric outboards from innovative brand ePropulsion, now available in New Zealand

Spirit 1.0

Spirit 1.0

A range of electric outboard motors, from ePropulsion, an innovative brand that have been pioneers of electric propulsion systems for 6 years, is now available at dealers around New Zealand. 

“It’s great to see the demand for electric outboards grow in New Zealand” Says Adam Wrightson from Electric Power and Propulsion NZ, distributor of the ePropulsion brand. “It means people are seeing the huge benefits of electric boating, as well as the positive environmental impact” 

The products range from the Spirit 1.0 (equivalent 3HP) to the Navy 3.0 (equivalent 6HP) and the Navy 6.0 (equivalent 9.9HP). The Spirit is ideal for tenders, dinghies and daysailers up to 1.5 tonne, the navy 6.0 is ideal for boats up to 6 tonne.

Electric outboards are quiet, pollution free, life-time maintenance free, and are safe for the marine environment and its inhabitants. 

The electric outboards, come with lightweight proprietary lithium batteries and have a runtime of 1 hour at fullspeed, or 5 hours at half speed. The Spirit 1.0, the smaller of the range, produces just 58dB of sound which is less than that of a normal conversation.

Epropulsion have also developed 3 technologies that other electric outboards don’t have. 

FOC (Field Orientated Control) transfers operating instructions to the motor with no time delay, this results in less vibrations and a smoother ride. The direct drive brushless motor means no moving parts, requires no maintenance and is more reliable.  The Navy 6.0 unit also incorporates closed loop liquid cooling, which although isn’t a new technology, is the first electric outboard to take advantage of this system.

“The biggest feedback we are getting is that people are loving the quietness of the motors and are amazed by the range” Says Adam “People love being able to get up and motor to shore without disturbing anyone. It will also be great for exploring waterways and inland rivers without disturbing wildlife.”

Spirit 1.0, Navy 3.0 and Navy 6.0 electric outboards are available now through EPP NZ’s dealer network. Phone 09 360 0121 or visit www.eppnz.co.nz

Pictured: Spirit 1.0

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