Mertek S1 Jetboard Debuts in NZ


Mertek S1 Jetboard debuts in New Zealand 

Mertek S1 Electric powered jet board debuted at this years HutchWilco NZ boat show to great anticipation. The jet-board, that was the only one in the country at the time it was a crowd favourite at the show, is set to be available to NZ consumers in July 2019.

The jet board reaches a maximum speed of 26mh per hour and has a runtime of 20mins full speed or one hour at half speed, thanks to a 960Wh lithium battery that powers a cutting edge direct drive motor.

Matt Kelly, the rider who demonstrated the board at this years boat show, said it was easy to ride thanks to the stability of the board “The board is the only board of it’s kind that maintains positive buoyancy when not in use which makes it incredibly stable when getting on and taking off, making it great for beginners.”

Mertek S1 is inflatable and foldable which means it’s not only easy to move around but also less prone to damage. The 2.4 metre long board can fold to around 1/3 of the full size, making it easy to transport but also easy to store inside a small boat or in a yacht or launch locker.

The wireless remote control features 8 speeds, including emergency stop. The board has a number of safety features including a coiled leg rope and overboard protection killswitch. The built in water jet is hidden from sight and completely harmless.

The board is available from EPP NZ’s dealers, Beacon Marine in Westhaven and Smart Marine stores nationwide. Mertek S1 board retails at $5250 which is considerably less than it’s overseas counterparts.  

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Melissa Rewi